What’s in a crop?

Acting headshots are predominantly cropped in 8 x 10 inch ratio, portrait format. But increasingly we see more and more long panoramic-shaped crops for portraits. On this web site you’ll notice a preponderance of 9:16, for example–just a personal favourite.  I like the balance a photo gives when there is space added to the left or right of a person’s torso. What do you think? Of course there is an intimacy gained, the larger the photo gets. Often 9:16 fits larger into our increasingly wide-screen monitors. Below the wide-screen options are restricted because of the layout of this page. But have a look on the ‘People’ section for full-sized crops.

Peter Newington
Peter Newington, Dublin

Peter Newington Peter Newington Peter Newington

Kelsie Anderson
Kelsie Anderson, Perth

Actors' headshots

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