Fremantle, 100 years between worlds

View of South Terrace, Fremantle, taken 1920
South Terrace, 1920
View of South Terrace, Fremantle, taken 2020
South Terrace, 2020

This first image of Fremantle, made in 1920, was sent to me by a client who grew up here, but now lives in the east and has this print in his collection. His photographic mission was to get back to Fremantle this year to recreate this original photograph, 100 years later. But alas, Covid foiled his plans. So I was granted the honour of standing in to fulfil his vision. 

The second photo is the ‘2020’ version. I hope the bones of South Terrace are still intact in 2120 for a third edition in this series. Or will it have been razed to make way for a gigantic multi-story $2 shop and vending machine arcade?

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