SAMI’s new WA terminal

SAMI Bitumen Technologies have a new site at Kwinana. It is big and shiny and beautiful and new! Obviously they are not technical terms. But they are big draw cards to me as a photographer because a state of new-ness feels so ephemeral. A bit like that precious first six weeks in the life of a baby or a puppy dog. I love it when companies have the foresight to take photographs of their environments–old and new–and of their processes and their people. I feel that we loose grasp of how historically significant, and fleeting, are the work places in our lives. But looking around at some of the relics that still remain (North Coogee Power Station) and many that no longer exist (the tanning sheds in the same area that disappeared not long ago) makes me yearn for more photographs to be taken of these places that consume the days and weeks and years of the people who work there. They feel so permanent, yet grow old, degrade and become relics or disappear before we are quite ready to see them go. Memories are wonderful gifts of time, but photographs are priceless!

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