Terms & Conditions

The services provided by Amanda Miller Photography are for the production and delivery of professional-quality images.  The following terms & conditions help us maintain a viable, productive service for you!


Your quote outlines the scope of work based on communications with you and your agents. Your quote is valid for 21 days. Any work we do that is not agreed with you in advance is at our cost. Our charges assume that your product is provided to us in a state as agreed. We will advise on any additional costs due to poor product before work commences.

Any alterations to specifications or dates made by you after you have authorised your project may incur additional charges. You will be informed, in writing, of those charges before the project continues.


You images will be placed in a secure online website for you to approve. Full payment is then requested before final images are released.

Approval process

Please take up to 3 working days to approve your images (unless otherwise agreed) via our web site (we will send you an email to access your images in a protected area of our web site). After this time your images will be deemed acceptable to you and an invoice will be raised. Any rework required must be advised to us within that approval period. Any rework carried out by us is at our cost unless agreed with you e.g., due to change of brief. If no agreement on rework can be reached between us and you, then the rework will not proceed and you can choose whether to use the existing content and be invoiced accordingly, or for it to be discarded, unused and not invoiced. 


All reasonable care and precaution of your products will be taken while they remain in our care. However we are not responsible for the damage, loss or destruction of your property while on our property or in transit.

Delivery of products and images

When your project is complete you may pick up your products and images personally or we will send them to you. Products will be returned via standard Australia Post services. If you prefer they can be sent via registered post.  Postal charges will apply to your invoice.

Photographs will be delivered via online file transfer tools, such as WeTransfer or DropBox. 

Copyright and license to use

Commercial photographs: Amanda Miller retains the copyright on all images supplied to you. However, on full payment of services and images as per your quote, you will be granted license to use your images for whatever purposes you choose, in perpetuity.

Any alterations to this copyright agreement and license use must be specified in writing on your quote.

Personal portraits: Copyright on any personal (not for commercial purposes) photographs is yours. Amanda Miller will always seek your authorisation to use your images for marketing purposes.

Use of final images by us

Amanda Miller will retain the right to use your final images for promotional and marketing purposes. This may include, but is not limited to, use in our electronic and printed portfolio, published brochures, competitions and use in social media.


At any time Amanda Miller or you, the client, can terminate the engagement. At that point the value of the work commenced but unpaid for will be invoiced by us and payed for by you. At the point of termination the value of work approved will be invoiced and any unapproved work will then either be approved by the client and invoiced or discarded.

Late payments

If payment is not made by the due date or in accordance with specific payment terms & conditions made with you (on your quote), we reserve our statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation.


Not withstanding calamitous events which may result in the loss of your digital files, we will endeavour to store your final images for a period of at least five years.

Retrieval of your files at your request will incur an administrative fee, concomitant with the labour and materials required to deliver your final images to you.

When things don’t go well

We know how important it is to produce successful images for you, every time. However commercial photography is a mixture of art and science. If our work doesn’t meet your expectations we will try very hard to fix it, or not charge you. So if you are not totally happy, please let us know. We would like you to be honest and help us fix a problem so we can retain your business.