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Mix 94.5

Photographing the Mix 94.5 summer breakfast crew recently was a bit of a dream come true. As a radio-lover from way back, I’ve always wondered what life inside the booth is really like. Is there really an ‘On Air’ sign? (Yes!) Do the presenters wear their pajamas? (No!) Is there a 10 second delay for quick re-edits in case they fluff their lines? (NO! They just get it right!!!)

I felt like a kid in a lolly shop 🙂

Mix94_5 Radio shoot
Mix94_5 Radio shoot

Mix94_5 Radio shoot Mix94_5 Radio shoot
Mix94_5 Radio shoot Mix94_5 Radio shoot

Just for a laugh…

I love it when friends not only agree to a bit of zany fun, but do such a good job that the camera shudders ’cause I can’t stop laughing. This project bit of fun was loosely called, ‘Waiting’.

Emma Meredith Lee Esther FlickVictoria


Gareth of Antarctica

Meet Gareth. Gareth of Antarctica. And his maker and author-of-adventures, Sam Longley, who I can’t stop thinking of now as Gepetto.

Sam Longley

Sam Longley

There’s also Leon Hendroff, master puppet maker…

Sam Longley & Leon Hendroff

Clare Testoni, magic shadow maker…

Sam Longley & Clare Testoni

Clare Testoni

Philip Mitchell (Spare Parts Artistic Director), puppet choreographer extraordinaire.

Philip Mitchel

Together they are slowly, lovingly bringing Gareth into being. I can’t wait to creep into Spare Parts Puppet Theatre again soon to watch the tale unfold. Watch this space 🙂 …

Photo credit: Spare Parts Puppet Theatre’s First Hand program


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The colours and textures of Yogyakarta

For the full set of photographs click here…

Pedal-power cars for night fun. Malioboro Street worker Schoolgirl, Yogyakarta Anita Motorised becak Hamming it up Preparing the vegetables

Paris, dramatic in so many ways

Some holidays are good, some are great! My family have recently returned from a great one. I’ve been trying to get to Paris since I was a school girl in England. My sister went with her class on a day trip to Paris. She bought me back a toy red London bus-not very French, but it ignited my desire for adventure. I waited patiently for my last year of primary school so I could go too. Then we moved and I lost my chance. So, hundreds of years later I’ve dragged my family to Paris, en route to Ireland. It was hot, a little wet, but amazingly fabulous. It was so….French!

Wet sunrise near the Seine

Wet sunrise near the Seine

The Louvre, with a few clouds

The Louvre, with a few clouds

Place du Palais Royale

Place de Palais Royale

Galeries de Valois

Galeries de Valois