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Kimberley Pearl

I have never had a bucket list. But I just started writing one after taking some photos of the newly refurbished Kimberley Pearl. She is heading up to Broome for her maiden commercial voyage visiting some of the beautiful Kimberley coast.

Shucking on the Kimberley Pearl

Lunch preparation on the Kimberley Pearl

Drinks on the Kimberley Pearl

Afternoon tea on the Kimberley Pearl

Learning to navigate on the Kimberley Pearl

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Nature Based Play

WC Fields said ‘never work with animals or children’. I cannot vouch for the animals, but in the case of children he should have added ‘except when Nature Based Play have built their playground’. Is it any wonder that the reactions of delight, laughter and doing what kids do best with huge logs and massive rope swings is easy to capture because it comes….naturally. 

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The Dance Collective

The Dance Collective, busting it out for the little people at their open day last weekend. By the looks of things the big people had just as much fun!

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Gareth of Antarctica

Meet Gareth. Gareth of Antarctica. And his maker and author-of-adventures, Sam Longley, who I can’t stop thinking of now as Gepetto.

Sam Longley

Sam Longley

There’s also Leon Hendroff, master puppet maker…

Sam Longley & Leon Hendroff

Clare Testoni, magic shadow maker…

Sam Longley & Clare Testoni

Clare Testoni

Philip Mitchell (Spare Parts Artistic Director), puppet choreographer extraordinaire.

Philip Mitchel

Together they are slowly, lovingly bringing Gareth into being. I can’t wait to creep into Spare Parts Puppet Theatre again soon to watch the tale unfold. Watch this space 🙂 …

Photo credit: Spare Parts Puppet Theatre’s First Hand program


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