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HR Wallingford – Captains of the virtual seas

These are the extraordinary wrap around simulators operating in the virtual high seas of down-town Fremantle.  One minute you can stand on the bridge with the Captain of a huge cargo tanker as he navigates into Port Hedland. Then you can pop next door to watch from the perspective of the assisting tug boat Captain. And just a few meters away you can nip onto the bridge of another tug boat chugging up the Thames!!

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Sami Bitumen Technologies

There’s something amazing about ships the size of skyscrapers floating past so close you can feel the air shimmy and suck. Taking photos of them at beautiful times of the day is my idea of heaven. These are the first of a series of shots taken for Sami Bitumen Technologies of their operations.

An Hei Wan - Sami Bitumen An Hei Wan - Sami Bitumen An Hei Wan - Sami Bitumen An Hei Wan - Sami Bitumen

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Concrete Studio – behind the scenes

Concrete Studio make amazing pieces of concrete furniture. One of the pieces, destined for Sydney, was about to be packaged, shipped and installed. There’s something about large, monolithic solid chunks of finely honed concrete that command respect!

The team at Concrete Studio

Finishing a bespoke benchtop

Concrete Studio

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