My story

Amanda Miller

“I was four years old and my neighbour’s red bike was lying enticingly on our driveway. I climbed on convinced I could cycle effortlessly away. The bike rolled down the driveway, with me on it, wobbled and fell sideways throwing me into a garden bed full of thorny rose bushes. It hurt so much. I wanted to run to my mum but I figured my neighbour might return at any minute and my chance to try his bike again would vanish.” 

For Amanda, throwing herself in the deep end just to know what it felt like ‘being there’ has been a constant driver. Whether simply playing the guitar, mustering sheep at dawn on a motor bike or climbing a tall cliff face with the ocean pounding away below, the desire to feel  the sensations and know the terrain have always beckoned.

Based in Fremantle, Western Australia, Amanda lives with her husband, twin girls and Loxley the labradoodle. She shoots an array of personal projects and commissioned work. 

Select clients

Discovery Channel | Electric Pictures | Fremantle City Council | ICS Australia | Australian Safety Engineers | Lung Foundation Australia | Sami Bitumen Technologies | The Sunday Times Newspaper (England) | Acton Real Estate | Howard Park Wines | AC Agency | Colas | Lendlease | Mortgage Choice | Seven Days (The Weekend West, Aust.) | SCOOP Homes | Advanta | In The Thicket | Dec The Malls | HR Wallingford | VetCT | ONA Consultants | Ausgold | Realising Potential  | The Dance Collective | Bow Hair | Feet First | Nature Based Play | Flametree | Squarepeg Home | Liliana Stafford | Veerhuis Pictures | Angella Ferolla | Spare Parts Puppet Theatre |

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