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Wonderful walnuts

It’s a necessity, when photographing commercial products, to make them look their best. Once they are set up to photograph I peer at them for long moments, dwelling on the visually pleasing aspects to enhance them and noting the detractors to eliminate them. Then they start looking really, really appealing. It’s about then, after the shoot, that I have to pack them up and send them back. BUT this time around, after the bottom shot I got to devour those juicy, spice-scented slivers of pickled walnut–along with the rest of the platter. Lucky me!

Commercial photograph of pickled walnuts and vinaigrette.

Walnut produce by Pretsel Vinyard, Manjimup.

Commercial food photograph of cheeseboard

Ploughman’s lunch featuring pickled walnuts


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What a Scoop!

Commercial photography gets even more exciting when a great Graphic Designer (Judy Moosemueller from Paco-Studio) does a little magic with a recently shot photo, and, voila! it suddenly appears in Scoop!

Furniture photography

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